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About Us

What is People-Centred Leadership?

Research consistently shows that sustainably high-performing organisations prioritise their people and culture – and have consistently better productivity as a result.

People-centred leaders are those that prioritise people and culture – and that understand that outcomes are more important than process. It is not about people-pleasing and being nice though. It is about realising that all outcomes in organisations are brought about by people, and to optimize the organization, it is necessary to optimize the environment of those working in it.

This means leaders who can create conditions where people feel energized and motivated, not fearful and restricted. The natural tendency of all humans is to protect themselves so it takes a courageous leader to enable conditions where others can thrive; it requires an intelligent one to see where they can ‘let go’ and allow others to take responsibility.

Organisations that successfully embrace people-centred approaches are more productive, have lower staff turnover, and tend to be more innovative.

How SLI Can Help

This transformation is not easy. Most organisations are hard-wired to revert to ‘command & control’ leadership styles as soon as the leadership focus spotlight of programs and initiatives is switched-off. At SLI we are here to offer support and encouragement to maintain the effort and provide tools and techniques that will help make the journey to a sustainably people-centred organisation.

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Our people

Jim Mather

Jim Mather is a chartered accountant, who worked for IBM before establishing the ComputerLand franchise in Scotland in 1983. He was a member of the Scottish Parliament from 2003-2011 and Minister for Enterprise Energy & Tourism in the SNP Administration 2007–11. Since then he has fulfilled chairmanship roles with Gael Limited, Homes for Scotland and the Scottish Government’s Working Together Review in 2014. Jim now teaches, as a visiting professor at Heriot-Watt University.

Roddy Millar

Roddy is the founder and editorial director at IEDP Ideas for Leaders, and has worked with the foremost leadership researchers and developers for the last 20 years – making their work more accessible and valued. He is driven to make organisations more human.

Valerie Jackman

Valerie Jackman is the Lead for Leadership and Governance at College Development Network and works as an independent Executive Coach. A lecturer in leadership since 2005, she is an experienced educator, skilled facilitator, and creative catalyst. Valerie has studied and worked with international thought leaders including Otto Scharmer, Margaret Wheatley, Nora Bateson, and the International Futures Forum, She is a Fellow of CMI, and an Academic Associate of CIPD.

Doug Morwood

Doug Morwood is CEO of InsightFutures. As a systems entrepreneur and originator of the Place-Based Innovation Model, Doug supports leaders, organisations, businesses and wider eco-systems transition to more sustainable economic models for growth. He works with Circle Consortium and on IDEO’s Circular Economy Team and is a Governor of Kelvinside Academy.

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