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People-centred organisations are those where everyone knows what their role is and how it fits in to the overall objectives of the business.

 Understanding how your work helps everyone else in the organization creates value and fulfilment – and motivation.

 In the Scottish government’s Working Together Review, that Jim Mather chaired, in 2014, the concept of Discretionary Learning Jobs was promoted as the ultimate of four different categories of work, that allowed people to have, within the requirements of delivering their work as the organization needs, a high degree of autonomy and responsibility both for the way they deliver their work and for developing and improving the skills needed to perform their work to the best standards. 

 Research at the time indicated that Scotland had a relatively low number of Discretionary Learning Jobs in comparison to other European countries, and we believe this has a direct correlation to the country’s productivity and growth opportunities. We have created this short survey to help us understand better what levels of job are prevalent across Scotland currently, to allow us and others to assist with raising the number of discretionary learning jobs in the country.

We have developed two forms of this survey: