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Making Scotland the Home of People-Centred Leadership

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The Scottish Leadership Institute:

A non-profit organization focused on improving the leadership practices adopted by leaders at all levels in Scottish organisations

Dedicated to improving individual and organizational performance through the encouragement of the latest leadership best practice

Committed to bringing the best leadership ideas and practices from around the globe to Scotland

Rooted in empirical evidence of successful leadership research

Founded on the concept that everyone can perform better when given the opportunity to take responsibility and grow

Passionate about awakening the benefits of better leadership on organisations that do not currently give much consideration to this element of their business

Works with all like-minded leadership development providers

Not aligned to any political body or government agency

Believes in a balanced approach to leading people – Clear-Structured-Disciplined : Fair-Nurturing-Caring

Our Six Watchwords


No-one can do a good job unless they know what the end objective should be. In today’s fast moving, chaotic world, that can be hard – but the ultimate goals can always be made clear and worked towards.


We believe that people work best when they are given some responsibility and autonomy – but this has to occur in a structured, coherent and aligned way – not an anarchic one.


People need to have the freedom to try new processes and approaches if they see the need; but there has to be boundaries to this, and self-control to keep the structure functioning.


Humans from the earliest age understand the concept of ‘fairness’ – and nothing undermines motivation as quickly as unfairness, so a leader must focus on consistency and fairness.


Sustainable high performance comes from a continued focus on learning – and it is the leader’s duty to nurture all those in their teams to ensure they continue to learn and grow.


We all seek to belong to the groups we are involved with – those intangibles of trust, engagement, loyalty and motivation will come more readily from those who feel they are respected and treated as individuals. People will care for their work, if they are cared for themselves.

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